Pornography: Empathy for Experience, Strength, Hope

Featured image Can individuals find a cure for sex addiction?

Mental health workers do not use the term cure.  They focus on healing or recovery. Healing or recovery is not a single event but a continuous habit.

The physiological aspect of a person’s addiction goes into that individual’s background of her addictions.

Those who have sex addiction say, “We are as sick as our secrets” (Booth, 2009, p. 378).

A mental health worker is not only working on the psychology of the addiction but also on the physical damage caused by pornography addiction.

These workers help clients find a bridge from addiction to sobriety.

Many times, mental health workers have been wounded by an addiction, and they offer acceptance, insights, respect, understanding while the client recovers from her secret past (p. 378).

Empathy is spirituality that connects therapist and addict.  The connection gives a sex addict hope!




Booth, L. (2009). Say yes to your sexual healing; Daily meditations for sex  addiction. p. 378. Deerfield Beach; FL: Health Communications.