Do I Have a Sexual Addiction? The Three “C’s” That Block Your Freedom

First Step; Acknowledging That You Are Powerless over Inappropriate Sex.

How to Stop Pornography Addiction

The freedom is simply unbelievable.  Could it happen for you?

1758311_thumb Am I a Sex Addict?

 The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.

– Henry David Thoreau

The National Institute on Drug Abuse defines addiction as a chronic brain illness causing compulsive drug use, relapsing, despite harmful consequences (Schele, 2012).

Dopamine (DA) systems in the brain have been implicated in many clinical syndromes and behavioral responses of addictions including feeding, satiety, wakefulness, sleep, arousal, sex, drug addictions, attention, reward, decision-making, depression, anxiety, psychosis, and movement disorders (Pfaus, 2010, p. 877).

There are three “C’s” that uncover whether or not a person has an addiction.  For example, let us consider Shawn’s addiction.

The First C: Compulsive Behaviour

Shawn delved into his fantasies.  Whatever his thoughts fell on, he surfed the internet.  Shawn started with pornographic images and then videos.  Something hit his mind; he went on the internet looking for new pornography.  With time, porn…

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